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Texas Holdem  ( How to play Texas Holdem)

  • The best Variety of WSOP  Or Poker is Texas Holdem being chosen by most of the players online. This game has shown remarkable growth in the past few years.
  • It is gaining huge popularity nowadays. So we are introducing here the best rules and ultimate strategy to play Texas Holdem. Improve your poker skills and rule the game table online.
  • Play this best two-faced card game, by learning the accurate poker rules, take reference.
  • If you are a serious poker player and play poker, you can feel the thrill to play Poker.
  • The no. of players allowed to play this casino game are 2 to 10 on the table.
  • Poker is going so much popular now, it has shown a remarkable growth of more than 40 million new players every year.
  • Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular game variants in Poker, the reason behind the extreme popularity of  Poker.
  • So without wasting any time, let’s know here about Texas Holdem, its rules & strategies and how to play it.
  • If you want to really be the ultimate Texas Holdem champion try to learn the ultimate guide below and implement it.

TexasHoldem – About 

  • Texas Holdem is an extraordinary game variant of the popular casino gambling game. Those who are real casino lovers or players must know about Texas Holdem poker.
  • Basically it’s a card game having dual face down cards, in which every player gets a chance for betting alternates in order to start a game.
  • The game consists of 2 to 10 players accordingly with the total number of  52 cards. First 2 then five cards are dealt to face down on the table up to the three stages in the game.
  • The three-card alternative round is known as the flop and the fourth one is called the turn. The final and last one that is the fifth dealt with round betting is the River.
  • Now all of the rounds are followed by the conclusion Showdown and the top-ranked playing hand betting player wins the prize, called pot.
  • This game requires a lot of patience, a perfect strategy, observation, calmness and a lot of other skills.
  • The game was started and go fame in texas so-known as Texas Holdem in 1900.
  • This casino game is played clockwise manner on the betting table.
  • The pot or collected money or chips won by the ultimate winner are offered by all players on the table in the casino game.
  • Now let’s learn the major and most important rules of Texas Holdem before you start to play.   Read more…

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem – Rules  ( How to play the  Texas Holdem?)

Let’s know the basic rules of poker Texas Holdem here, and learn how to play-

  •  Betting rules 
  •  The game is played either by two players in Blind bets or by more than two players Antes. There are two types of bets small blind bet and big blind bet.
  • The dealer is the player who rotates the dealer button to the left of each hand. Each player gets to receive two face-down cards, are known as hole cards respectively.
  • There are three types of limit in the game, limit, no limit, and pot-limit mainly.
  • The limit bet consists of  Bets while the pre-flop and flop round undergoes called small bets and next turn and river round should be double than the big blind.
  • In No-limit player must bet the minimum amount of raising in the game. and it should be equal to the previous raising amount.


  • The Showdown Rules
  •  In the download rules, the last player wins the pot, after all, folds.
  • Showdown also occurs in the case of two or more remaining players.
  • All the best poker hands players can create from 7  cards consists of the double hole and 5 community cards.
  • To form a 5 community card player can include one or more than one hole cards, But if a player forms the best hand of 5  community cards then he has the only option of pot split.


  • Misdeals

  • The misdeal can only happen if the exposed cards are first or second.
  • If  2 + hole cards are received by any player then it is a misdeal.
  • Misdeal is also considered if the cards are not in sequence wise.
  • If the hole card shuffled off and exposed by the dealer it is a misdeal.


  • Texas Holdem hands
  •  Cheating is completely avoided in the games so all cards are already checked before shuffling, should not be damaged.
  • The cards should not be seen before playing the hands by any other players would be considered fall or dead.
  •  Cards of texas Holdem are pocket and hole cards.
  • The starting hand begins with the Preflop round already discussed above.
  • In this, the last two players play the final hand to flop with  3 community cards.
  • Now there is a turn round of 4 community cards and the last one is river round with the 5 community cards.

Texas Holdem – Strategy

In Texas Holdem Poker the strategy is the main substitute, this game is all about the strategy the champion is the man with the best strategy. So let’s earn the strategies which will lead to winning.

  • Choose the Position
  • Choose your position in the game, suits you best
  • Understand all position on the poker table and observe.
  • In no-limit, you can sit in the order of play for a better position


  • Show confidence and attitude
  • Some times beginners don,t carry the confidence while playing.
  • Another player can use it as a weapon against you and fold you easily.
  •  Show enough attitude like a pro- player while playing the game.


  • Play the best hand
  •  Texas Holdem consists of 52 cards so each will have the two cards dealt.
  •  So make the best-starting hand’s strategy accordingly there is a probability of thousands of thousands of combinations.


Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to play Texas Holdem?

  • This questioned is answered above in the rules section already.

What is the best hand in Texas Holdem?

  • The best hand in the texas Holdem is supposed to be Ace-Ace mainly, Also recommended by most of the casino winners. Other best hands are King- king, and queen-queen respectively.

How do you get good at Texas Holdem?

  • To get good in this game, observe the best players of texas Holdem, learn and understand the rules and strategies properly. And create your strategy the most important thing is the practice. Practice more to become good at it.

How many cards do you get in Texas Holdem?

  • Poker, a famous variant Texas Holdem poker game consists of 52 cards totally. Each player dealt two faces down cards and five community cards also called shared cards.

Important Instructions to Follow

  • Follow the rules and strategies given here properly.
  • If you find out anything wrong let us know in the comment box.
  • Share it with your all poker player friends and help them to play better by improving skills.
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We don,t not promote Texas Holdem  Poker & also not sponsored by any Poker casino game. We want to help you by offering the best guide, on Texas Holdem rules and strategy, and how to play it. Follow the guide and enjoy your poker game.

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